David T. Smith
Cinematographer | Podcaster | Drone Pilot
Demo Reel

Fully vaccinated for COVID-19


David Smith has never let me down. His ability to handle almost any kind of gear makes him a Leatherman of DPs; from shooting standard interviews, to mounting and manning Go-Pros on chase cars, to capturing a cross country bike race by drone, David’s expertise and artistic eye has always captured the shot.

- Steven Pine, Opus Agency

David has performed interviews with actors, writers, special effects wizards, and other motion picture icons as a one-man-band. He is efficient, reliable, and always gets the job done.

- Heather Buckley, Producer, Kino Lorber

I thoroughly enjoyed working with David. His professionalism, talent, and easy-going manner made the project we worked on together not only the best it could be, but also a lot of fun!

- Connie Sobczak, Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Body Positive

With David, I can fully trust sending him out into the field and returning with excellent results.  An indispensable team member with a professional rapport that the on-camera talent appreciates.   My only wish is that I could work with him more often.

- Elijah Drenner, Producer/Director